Apply KidPower on wrists for an uplifting scent to carry them throughout their day.

Young Living’s monthly gift with purchase allows you to earn rewards just for shopping your favorite essential oils and oil-infused products. Purchase YL products with a point value (PV)—these products help you qualify for this month’s gifts. The more you shop, the more you earn!

Prepare to refresh your routines and stock up on essential supplies with this month’s rewards. Start the busy season off right by diffusing the inspiring aroma of KidPower™ and breaking out KidScents® Unwind™ for impactful mornings. Pack for new adventures with long-time favorites like SniffleEase™ and Owie™, which will come in clutch for unexpected mishaps. When it comes time to turn in, put everyone’s minds at ease with the scents of Gentle Baby™ and SleepyIze™ on weary soles and wrists. Qualify today to claim these products plus free shipping.

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Prepare for peaceful sleeps. Find refuge for parents and little darlings by diffusing this combination of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and other pacifying oils.