Are you easy to trust?

Giving people a great first impression helps you to stand out from your competition. Unless you offer the most unique product or service in the world, there will be many other businesses that offer something similar.

So why should someone trust your business? That’s the question you need to answer to encourage potential customers to make a purchasing decision.

Here are some trust factors to consider for your website:
• Design – Your website should have a professional design that reflects the products or services that you’re selling. An outdated website is an easy way for a potential customer to lose trust in your business.
• Usability – Is your website easy to navigate? A visitor should be able to access important information on your site within a few clicks. Make sure your website is easy to use and help your visitors to learn more about your products or services.
• Messaging – The message you share through your content should be consistent with your branding and the images or video you use on your website. Great messaging will help a visitor to feel like they’re in the right place to get the help that they need.
• Authority – The easiest way to show authority is to share reviews and testimonials from your happy customers. This is known as social proof. Make sure you show a potential customer that you’ve previously helped people just like them.
• Transparency – It’s important for visitors to be able to verify that your company exists. You can do this by sharing contact details and making it easy for a customer to get in touch with your business.

Take the time to think about the five different types of trust factors above. It’s likely that there are one or more things that you can improve on with your website to help boost your credibility.

Getting this right will encourage your website visitors to take the next step. And who doesn’t want more leads or more sales?

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