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Have you researched beta-caryophyllene? Copaiba contains 55% BCP which activates endocannabinoid receptors better than any other (legal) cannabinoid!

Did you know that when Young Living’s research scientists visited Brazil, the copaiba farmers said they were the only company to actually check out the farm for themselves?

Did you also know that Young Living is able to distill their own oils, which is especially important with copaiba as other producers use turpentine in the process?

Did you also know that research on copaiba specifically shows it’s safe for everyone, including pregnant women?! Research even found up to fifteen drops internally per day had no ill effects on mom or baby when used during pregnancy.

And did you know that research shows copaiba used internally supports intestinal health.

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I never leave home without this oil and I have backup of my backup of this oil.