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If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If you create a print, radio, television or digital campaign, and no one sees, hears or reads it, is it still marketing?

Know Your Market Reach

Having a solid grasp of your market reach can help you minimize risk and maximize your marketing dollars. It is also important to understand market reach is an estimate, not a guarantee. So, what do you need to know about market reach?

Market reach is the estimated number of potential consumers or clients who might see your marketing campaign or advertising material. For television, the market reach is the number of viewers expected to tune in for shows when your commercial will air. This estimate does not account for the number of people that leave the room during commercial breaks or use a DVR to fast-forward through them.

Strategic Market Reach

JDA Company is here to guide you through marketing efforts to help you maximize your reach while minimizing your risk. Our skilled team can help you identify the best ways to reach your ideal customers and increase your return on investment. We will also help you fine-tune your message to effectively engage the customers you are hoping to attract.

Should you be aiming for a wide age demographic across the entire country or focusing your marketing efforts on women age 25-45 in your nearest suburbs? And when you know who you are trying to talk to, how should you engage them? Social media, email campaigns, print ads or radio ads? The JDA Company marketing team will work with you to identify how, where and when you can most effectively engage your potential customers.

Location-Specific Solutions

You can stand out from the crowd by simply reaching the right audience when and where they need you. Our Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing approaches connect you with your targeted customers whether they are localized or nationwide.

Increase Your Reach Today

JDA Company can help you find the right, qualified customers and clients you need and tailor your marketing approach according to your local and regional area. If you are ready to start spending your marketing dollars more effectively, our team is ready to help. Schedule a consultation today by calling (877) 751-5919 or sending a message through our online contact form.

JDA Company Featured Project

Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Waste & Recycling Workers Week is a national initiative. Thanks to successful marketing and strategic partnerships, this initiative is gaining attention from coast to coast and throughout cities and states everywhere in between.

The Week of June 17th is Waste and Recycling Workers Week

During this special week of celebration for Waste and Recycling Workers Week, we join together to thank the women and men who work daily to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean!

Join us the week of June 17th, and all throughout the year, to celebrate these hard-working women and men!