Innovative Solutions to Pandemic Plastic

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a surge in single use plastic and general household waste. It is time to do more and stop the increase in waste production before it leaves problems that outlast the pandemic itself.

Eco-Friendly To-Go

In the first article of this two-part series, we explored some of the significant but secondary problems caused by the pandemic. Now we look to innovative solutions.

Serving take out menu options does not have to mean more plastic waste. Thanks to consumers consistently demanding more environmentally friendly options from their favorite restaurants and retailers, there is an ever-growing variety of eco-friendly single use containers.

From paper wrappers to cardboard boxes and biodegradable utensils, there are plenty of options for your business to buy and use in place of plastic and styrofoam. If you are a business owner or restauranteur, you can help create positive changes to your business and community.

Conscientious Consumers

Every time you order take out, you have the choice to add to the problem or contribute to the solution. If a restaurant you have been ordering from uses excess packaging or containers that are not biodegradable or recyclable, ask them to change their packaging. You can also choose to avoid menu items that come in plastic packaging or choose another restaurant that offers more eco-friendly options.

Supporting local businesses is also a great way to contribute to the reduction of waste. Local restaurants that source their ingredients from local farms means the food isn’t traveling as far and is less likely to be shipped in quite so much packaging.

As a consumer, you have the power to change waste production in your community. Shop wisely.

Smarter Waste Solutions

One simple change you can make to help your business promote environmental awareness is signing up for recycling services. The addition of one recycling business dumpster can help your staff and consumers dispose of their waste more responsibly and divert waste away from landfills. Some areas also offer compost collection services to reduce waste by recycling food scraps.

Market Your Success

If you have implemented changes to reduce the waste your business produces or package your to-go orders in environmentally friendly packaging, shout it from the rooftops! Share your eco-positive products and packaging with your consumers. Social media is a great way to get the word out. You can also update your website and email campaigns to let people know you are doing your part to fight the surge in single use plastic.

It is not just good for your bottom line. You could inspire other businesses to make similar changes, causing a ripple effect. If you are not sure how to effectively communicate your innovative and environmentally responsible practices, JDA Company can help. Our team can help you reach your target audience and invite them to be part of the solution.

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Thank You to All Waste and Recycling Workers

Despite all the ongoing health concerns created by pandemic, waste and recycling workers continue their work in our communities to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. Help spread gratitude for their dedication by bringing Waste & Recycling Workers Week to your city and state. Submit a proclamation request to your local leadership today and explore more ways to celebrate your neighborhood sanitation workers.

Reduce and Recycle!

The global COVID pandemic may present new challenges, but the continued growth of waste production is a longstanding problem. Thankfully resources like are available to provide information on how you can minimize your waste production by maximizing your recycling efforts. Visit to find out what household and job site materials can be recycled and how you can reduce your waste production.