Let’s Make a Marketing Plan Together

You and your team have worked hard to develop the best company in your industry. Unfortunately, having the best products and services on the market doesn’t mean much if potentials customers and clients don’t know you exists. JDA Company marketing services are designed to help you connect your your perfect customer.

JDA Company Marketing Services

Every JDA marketing plan is individualized to optimize reach and impact. Building this plan starts with you. Our marketing experts use a collaborative approach to help connect your business with the right customers and clients. You tell us about your mission, vision, products and services. Our team takes this information and develops an engaging, integrated marking plan to reach new customers, new markets and help you grow.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Social media, websites, print and radio ads, email newsletters. There are so many ways to reach your customers today. From email campaigns and website design to print media and promotions, our comprehensive integrated marketing communications plans ensure your message is clear. This consistency and clarity will help you communicate effectively with your potential customers.

Marketing on a Budget

Making sales and finding new customers is imperative to the success and growth of your company. Staying on budget is equally important. This is why our marketing recommendations are tailored to meet your needs and budget. A company with a $2,000 marketing and advertising budget is going to need a completely different strategy than a company with $5 million to spend on a Super Bowl ad.

JDA Company is committed to getting the most out of every dollar you have allocated to marketing. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals will work to reach your goals while respecting your budget.

Get Your Marketing Plan Started

Our marketing team is ready to work with you to develop a plan to reach your target audience. Whether you are looking to increase sales, reach new markets or reengage past customers, JDA Company can help. Schedule a consultation today by calling (877) 751-5919 or sending a message through our online contact form.

JDA Company Featured Project

Pee Pistol

Due to their dangerous and potentially lethal nature, many products are prohibited from private property and public venues. Pee Pistol offers an alternative option that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and safe enough to be permitted almost anywhere.

An Organic Alternative to Pepper Spray

Pee Pistol is a natural, non-lethal alternative for self-defense. Pee Pistol may disarm and disorient an attacker, but it causes no long term harm (aside from a lingering stench as vile as their life choices). This makes Pee Pistol safe enough for the hands of a child but potent enough to keep you safe.

Don’t leave yourself defenseless. Protect yourself and your family the natural way. Order your non-lethal Pee Pistol today!