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🌱1. Clove :: perfect for coughing, teething infections or numbing

🌱2. Lemon Myrtle :: legit best smelling EVER! Add to your cleaners, antibacterial & amazing for your adrenal glands

🌱3. Nutmeg :: key ingredient for pumpkin spiced smells, helps with bad breathe, digestion, and nerves

🌱4. Pine :: 🌲 helps with gout, sinusitis, asthma, stress & blood pressure. Plus, the perfect smells this time of the year

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And, S U R P R I S E 20% off THIEVES HOME CLEANING kit ✨
12/15 – 12/18
✨clean and protect your home naturally, without using harsh, chemicals

✨effective, but safe to use around every member of your family, including children and pets


Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml
Pine Essential Oil 5 ml
Purification® Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
Thieves® Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
Thieves® Household Cleaner 14.4 oz.
Carrying Case
Stainless Steel Bucket
Amber Glass Spray Bottle 16 oz.
Cleaning Cloth
Cleaning Recipe Booklet

🍋 Booklet includes the following cleaning recipes to freshen up your entire home:

▪️All-Purpose Cleaner
▪️Deep-Cleaning Scrub
▪️Garbage Disposal Freshener Tablets
▪️Refrigerator and Enamel Appliance Cleaner
▪️Appliance Spot Remover
▪️Air Freshener Spray
▪️Glass Cleaner
▪️Toilet Bowl Cleaner
▪️Toilet Bowl Spritzer
▪️Hard Surface Floor Cleaner
▪️Natural Carpet Powder
▪️Laundry Freshener

👀 That’s a whole lot of natural cleaning recipes!!!!

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