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Get Off Drugs and eHome Counseling Group have created an incredible, comprehensive addiction treatment program that rivals the best that is currently available. They help clients break the alcohol and drug addiction cycle, freeing them from the suffering of substance use disorder and allowing them to live a balanced, sober and healthy life.

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Studies show that medication assisted treatment increases the addiction survival rate by over 50%. Treatment completion rates for video addiction treatment are twice those of traditional outpatient treatment (80% vs. 41%, respectively). The powerful combination of medication and counseling reduces relapse to a fraction of the rate experienced through traditional rehab programs.

Long Term Chemical and Emotional Sobriety

The program uses buprenorphine for opioid use disorder, a medication to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which allows people to focus on underlying mental health. The buprenorphine is administered through an implant that provides one to six months of continuous delivery. For alcohol use disorder, other medications reduce cravings and maintain sobriety.

The counseling program consists of individual, family, and educational sessions done with licensed, Masters level counselors through face-to-face video. There is no travel to a counselor’s office and complete privacy. Sessions can be done at work, home or wherever you are most comfortable—even while traveling. In addition, clients receive an artificial intelligence app that can connect you to a counselor 24/7 if you need help between counseling sessions, as well as online educational videos for comprehensive care.

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Existing drug rehab programs cost $500-$1,000/day for 14 to 45 days of treatment. These programs have a 40%-85% relapse rate, typically within the first month after discharge. It is a revolving door of rehab, relapse, overdose, emergency room, rehab.

Instead of this vicious cycle, the eHome program provides six months of care, for less than cost of one typical two-week rehab program.

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